Us Citizen/green card

We provide Billing, Payroll solutions for US Citizens and Green Card Holders, we will review Client Agreements, Invoice Customers and collect payments for Invoices. Your Payroll will be processed irrespective of receiving payments from the Client.

Learn more about Employee benefits!

Our expert HR Specialists will work with you in finding you a project OR we will negotiate with your Client or Vendor to move your Project to our Company. We have expertise in effectively handling Billing/Project Transfers and Payroll.

Please explain me the process!

We have several W-2 employment options, we process your payroll on a bi-weekly basis, withold federal/state taxes, provide Medical /Dental/Vision Insurance, 401K, Alimony, Flexible Spending Accounts

Flexibility for Independant Contractors

If you are or would like to work as an independent IT contractor, we offer flexibility for setting your own terms and conditions, work only with projects and locations of your choice.If you have the right skills and the ability to demonstrate professionalism, you are the Boss!

We will handle everything from Project Placement to Payroll!

We will handle everything from Project Placement to Payroll!

  • Review and sign Client Agreements
  • Manage Time Sheets
  • Invoice Clients
  • Collection of Invoices
  • Process Payroll (Bi-weekly)
  • Employment Verifications

Why should I work with your Company?

  • We keep everything Transparent - Period
  • We provide a 24X 7 Toll-Free Hotline, support system, chat and email support
  • All phone calls and emails are always answered, irrespective of nature of request
  • We understand that most issues can only be resolved by proper Communication
  • You are in good hands, Hire IT People, Inc. is an American owned Established Employer
  • Bi-weekly Payroll Process via direct deposit provided to our Employees

What if my Projects ends?

We are never concerned about Market Conditions, placing candidates is our main line of work, we begin marketing atleast a month in advance to make sure that there are no gaps between projects. Also, keep in mind, we have our own Clients and we work in a Top Vendor Network, chances are you might get quickly hired by one of our Direct Clients.

  • We have Direct Clients and contracts with Top Vendors
  • Experienced and aggressive Marketing Team
  • Experienced Account Managers
  • Experienced Technical Recruiters
  • Dedicated personnel for Professional/Social Networking, we leverage the power of Social Media
  • Good relationships with Hiring Managers and Corporate Recruiters
  • Referrals from Employees and Contractors on new Jobs at their Client sites

We beleive in building long-term relationships!

At Hire IT People, Inc. we strongly believe in long-term relationships with our IT contractors. We communicate with you during your engagement, provide on job Support if needed and work with you in finding new Projects. If you decide to leave us for any reason, we will just stay in touch with you for future Project/Employment opportunities.

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